Fee Information

How much will my anaesthetic cost?

Although our fees have not changed for the last 5 years, costs have significantly increased, as have health insurance premiums. Consequently, from January 2016, our maximum fees are outlined in the table below.

As we are a group of independent consultants our fees differ a little from each other. However, the maximum fee will not exceed that shown, unless you are informed otherwise prior to your anaesthetic. The new scale of maximum fees is shown in the table.

What does the anaesthetic fee cover?

The anaesthetic fee covers the routine pre-operative anaesthetic visit, operative time and immediate post-operative care. It does not cover ongoing postoperative care on the ward or follow-up which is provided, and charged for, by the surgeon.

A separate anaesthetic assessment fee will only be charged for patients who require a formal, outpatient anaesthetic assessment (not usually required).

The standard fees are for single procedures. If more than 1 surgical procedure, anaesthetic procedure or block is performed, the most complex procedure is charged at 100%, and 50% is added for the second procedure. If 3 or more surgical and/or anaesthetic procedures are performed, at the same time, only 50% will be added to the anaesthetic fee for the most complex procedure.

Anaesthetic services are provided as a service agreement between the anaesthetist and the patient (not between the anaesthetist and the patient’s insurance company). Patients are, therefore, responsible for covering any shortfall between the invoice submitted and the amount paid by their insurance company.

Will my insurance company cover all my treatment costs?

Although we are all recognised by BUPA we are not BUPA partners and are not tied to their fee schedule.

Different insurance companies reimburse often significantly different amounts, from each other, for the same procedure. The type of policy you have with your insurance company may also limit the fees for which they are willing to cover you. Your insurance company will be able to inform you how much of the anaesthetic fee your particular policy will reimburse. Alternatively you can often find this information online by searching for the “fee schedule” of your insurance company e.g. Search “AXA PPP Fee Schedule”

Patients should enquire, from their insurance company, how any policy shortfall is dealt with.

Most insurance companies settle the fees in full and we have no need to contact their clients to rectify shortfalls in payment.

Maximum Anaesthetic fees (for single procedures) from 01/01/16


Anaesthetic categories Fee
Assessment < 30 Mins £ 120
Assessment up to 1 hour £ 150



Minor £ 120



Intermediate 1 £ 140
Intermediate 2 £ 150
Intermediate 3 £ 160
Intermediate 4 £ 170
Intermediate 5 £ 180



Major 1 £ 210
Major 2 £ 220
Major 3 £ 230
Major 4 £ 260
Major 5 £ 280



Major plus 1 £ 330
Major plus 2 £ 350
Major plus 3 £ 400
Major plus 4 £ 450
Major plus 5 £ 550



CMO 1 £ 615
CMO 2 £ 720
CMO 3 £ 900
CMO 4 £1,100
CMO 5 £1,300