Patient Journey

Pre-operative care

CPAG offer a robust pre-assessment process which is closely integrated with the pre-assessment clinics based at the private hospitals in which we work. All patients are seen by a specialist pre-assessment nurse in clinic and are risk stratified according to robust protocols agreed by us. Where any queries or concerns are flagged up by the specialist nurses, or patients themselves, a consultant anesthetist from CPAG will be available for a direct consultation in clinic. We work closely with our consultant surgeon colleagues to ensure that all patients needs are anticipated and met individually prior to the day of surgery avoiding any unnecessary disruption on the day.


On the day

You will be met by your consultant anaesthetist on the morning of surgery. Your consultant will assess your health and advise you on which type of anaesthetic is suitable for your surgery. They will answer any queries or concerns you may have and then agree with you an individualised plan for your anaesthetic.

On your arrival in the theatre suite you will be greeted by your consultant anaesthetist and their assistant. Throughout the process of preparing you for anesthesia your consultant will talk you through what is happening and allay any worries you may have.  Your anaesthetist stays with you all the way through your operation. They will use modern monitoring equipment to assess your condition continuously throughout your operation and they will give you drugs and fluids as required, to keep you safe and well. Appropriate analgesia and anti-sickness medications will be administered throughout surgery to ensure that you are as comfortable and nausea free as possible after your surgery.

Post-operative care

After your operation you will be taken to the post anaesthetic care unit (otherwise known as “recovery”) where your consultant anaesthetist will discuss your care with your own specialist recovery nurse. You will be kept fully monitored and regularly assessed for pain and nausea throughout your stay in recovery until you are deemed safe to be escorted back to the ward. Your consultant anaesthetist will be available throughout your stay in recovery in case any concerns need to be addressed. Your consultant anaesthetist will then review you back on the ward later in the day to reassess you clinically including your analgesia requirements and will be able to answer any queries you may have.